good bye friends i am gone

a lil update from me

so i guess i should update u all on my life since i don’t get on here anymore i know none of u care about my life but yeah lol
so i have a bf now and hes rlly great
and yah that’s all that’s happed so hope everything is great for u all and i love n miss u all stay fab my bbs ok kisses

do people still ship larry or what

if it wasn’t for the small amount of friends I have on here, I would delete this blog.


whenever i use the computer i wear sunglasses cause the government might be watching me through my webcam and i dont want them thinking im not cool




did someone seriously make a dirt mansion


Ray should upgrade to this


Never in my life have I been more jealous of a grown man 





a true fact about spiders is they can’t run for extended periods of time because they have asthma. all spiders are nerds. even tarantulas. have you ever seen a spider dating a hot babe? i doubt it. spider flashing his cash in the club? nope. spider pulling up beside you at the lights in a lamborghini? never happened. they’ve got so many eyes because they love reading. nerds. all of them.


one direction have been the biggest boyband in the world for like 2 years now don’t you think you should know who’s who before you interview them on television